Many of you will have read recently about what they dubbed the “Phuket Sandbox” and although it was met with some skepticism, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, otherwise known as TAT has declared it to be a major success.

So is the first strike against the Covid 19 restrictions being lifted, and will it continue to grow?

As you know, it is mandatory in Thailand to be in possession of Covid Travel Insurance for Thailand even if you are taking part in a sandbox type scheme. 

In this latest blog, we take a closer look at the scheme so far.

Was The Phuket Sandbox Successful?

As far as the officials at TAT are concerned, “yes”. They released the official figures in August for the sandbox plans’ first month and those figures were that over 14,000 visitors from across a wide range of countries had taken part in the scheme and holidayed successfully.

This generated a substantial revenue for the hard hit tourist industry of around 829 million Thai baht this would mean that for the reported 14.000 international holidaymakers who arrived, on average they spent around 59,000 Thai baht each. (approx $1800)

This would have been spread across the 3 main tourist spend channels of accommodation, food & drinks and shopping.

Who Visited?

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the USA saw the largest number of international visitors with over 1,800 travelers. In second place was the UK, who had around 1,558 visitors.

There were significant numbers from other European countries as well as domestic tourists from Thailand

 All of these visitors would have had to adhere to the strict rules of visiting Thailand under the sand box scheme and this would have included the mandatory Covid Travel Insurance for Thailand

The TAT have stated that they are confident that numbers of international and domestic visitors and domestic visitors will increase over the next few months.

For those people working in the leisure and tourism industry, this will definitely be seen as a success. Hoteliers have filled some of their long empty rooms, restaurants are welcoming visitors and the beachside traders will have shifted some stock.

For these people, just a small amount of income can be a lifesaver.

What’s Next?

With the growing number of vaccinations and up to 90% of Phuket residents having received their first dose, things are looking promising. Following the initial success of the Phuket Sandbox program, the TAT are keen to look at setting up other sandbox type schemes with plans for Phang Nga and Krabi.

This could mean the beginning of the much talked about 7+7 scheme where visitors under the scheme could spend 7 days in Phuket and then a further 7 days in another sandboxed location such as Krabi.

Stay Safe

Great to see tourism in Thailand getting a boost and at One2go insurance we are available to answer any questions regarding Covid Travel Insurance for Thailand or you can easily book your insurance on our website.

Be assured the Thai Government fully backed all our policies.

Happy Travels.