Thailand has never looked better the county is heading into the best weather of the year. Thai people are keen for you to come back and enjoy the many opportunities awaiting for you. The congestion in some tourist locations is long gone – the beaches are clear, the waters blue, the temples peaceful and the prices competitive.

Yes, there are still a number of restrictions in different part of the country, but they are being lifted on a weekly basis and Thailand, you can be sure, is opening up again. There is a clear narrative from the Thai government now that they want to one up and allow tourism to resume.

Of course there are going to be many who will wait, or even demand, that the restrictions are fully eased before they return. But the Thai government is leading the way in South East Asia with a plan, a process and a commitment to re-launch tourism in a safe and controlled manner.

All international travellers now have to apply for a Thailand Pass which was launched on November 1. Now this replaces the Certificate of Entry. This is where you upload your information including vaccination certificate and medical insurance

It will take between 1 and 7 days for approval of your Thailand Pass, once you’ve uploaded all the required paperwork (below). Once approved, a QR code is generated which the traveller can use as they enter Thailand.

You’ll have to download the Mor Chana app on your phones. The app automatically evaluates your risk daily whilst in Thailand. You’ll need to have the app data set to ON.

From the airport to your approved AQ or SHA+ hotel, you’ll be picked up by the hotel, you can’t jump in a normal taxi. They’l be waiting for you as you depart the airport. The approved hotel will provide the RT-PCR test, in conjunction with a local hospital.

Fully vaccinated Thai or foreign residents CAN’T quarantine in their homes for the first night after they arrive in Thailand. They must stay in an approved SHA+ hotel until they receive a negative test result. It’s the same for everyone at this stage.

If the result is positive, they will be sent to a hospital or an AQ hotel, at your expense so make sure to get the best travel insurance policy.

Children under 12 years of age, travelling with their parents, aren’t required to have a vaccine certificate.

Thai nationals aren’t required to have medical insurance because any medical costs incurred by citizens will be covered under Thailand’ universal health care system.

The same insurance exemption now applies to foreign residents who already have medical and health insurance in Thailand.

You’ll need to ensure that your insurance policy does not only specify Covid-19 health coverage, but other general illnesses and hospital expenses.

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