As the world starts to show signs of returning to normal, every country is keen to get its economy bouncing back and there is some significant news for Thailand with the recent agreement with Australia regarding an improved economic partnership.

Of course any series of meetings requires travel and we are still in the covid era.

So in this blog we take a quick look at the agreement and also what businesses and politicians will have to still face when travelling.

The rules as they stand still require that visitors will need Covid Travel Insurance.for Thailand.

Agreement Is Good For Thailand

Jurin Lakanawisit Thailand’s commerce minister was buoyant after the meeting with Australis Dan Tehan, who is the Australian Minister for tourism, investment and trade.

After discussions at length, it was agreed by both parties that they would pursue a partnership that would boost bilateral investment and trade and forge an even stronger economic partnership than before.

These initiatives will be in addition to the “Tafta” Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which has been in effect since 2005

They both Ministers agreed that the expansion and increased two-way trade would be of economic benefit to both countries and would help secure investment into Thailand.

The major areas of focus would be education, food supplies, eCommerce, the healthcare sector and, of course, tourism.

Tourism is a huge economic driver for Thailand and the entire country is looking forward to welcoming back business and tourist visitors from Australia and the rest of the globe.

As mentioned, you will need Covid Travel Insurance for Thailand and we make things easy, allowing you to book directly on our website for policies that the Thai Government has approved. 

So once this gets ratified with an official signing it can only mean good things for Thailand, and may well spur other SE Asian countries to speed up the process of the “RCEP” Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership which with the inclusion of Japan, China and Singapore could make it one of the worlds largest free trade type agreements and another huge deal for Thailand.

Just like a footnote, the Thai Government has already pressed the RCEP through parliament and ratified the agreement in February of this year.

Travelling For Business and Pleasure

So splendid news all round for the Kingdom of Thailand and like everyone, any glimmer of light on an economic and travel recovery is a blessing.

Looks like lots of business trips in and out of the country and Thailand will be getting ready to welcome back tourists soon.

So make sure you are fully covered and travelling as safely as possible with the right insurance cover in place.

Remember, as we write, it is mandatory by Thai law that all Non-Thai nationals entering the country require Travel Insurance with covid 19 cover to the minimum value of $100,000. So you must have Covid Travel Insurance for Thailand in place before you travel.

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