It will be wonderful for tourists to get back to travelling to Thailand again, but remember, COVID rules will still apply in many instances.

There have also been some other recent changes and in this latest blog we highlight one of them that could catch you out on your holidays.

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But let’s tackle new legislation changes in Thailand’s National Park’s.

Changes to protect Parks

A visit to one of Thailand’s beautiful National Park’s is always high on many tourists’ agenda, but if you are fair skinned, you may need to think about your sunscreen protection, otherwise you may be left a little red faced!

Thailand has announced new laws to protect the delicate marine corals and marine life in the parks, which the kingdom is rightly proud of.

The laws were enacted following recent studies that showed that sunscreens which contained the chemicals Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, Methylbenzyl and Octinoxate where potentially harmful to Corals and Marine life and would inadvertently cause damage to the delicate reefs which could subsequently cause imbalances in the reef area and would be detrimental to its inhabitants.

So the Department of National Park’s posted notice that all sunscreens containing these chemicals would henceforth be banned within all national parks in Thailand.

Now to some, this may seem harsh and you might think with the ongoing pandemic it would be more important to focus on what tourists requirements are to get in the country such as mandatory Covid Travel Insurance for Thailand

Coral is actually a living organism, but grows at a very slow rate. (1-2 centimetres per annum) Often when a Coral formation is destroyed, it does not grow back, and if it did it would take hundreds of years.

So hence the stance from the National Parks department that conservation needs to be highly proactive, and the thinking behind the banning of sunscreens that are deemed to be dangerous to the coral and marine life in national parks is to preserve them.

What Can You Do?

Firstly “take it seriously” as there are some hefty fines if you ignore the rules, but don’t worry too much as there are many sunscreen products on the market that do not contain the banned chemicals and local manufacturers in Thailand will be reviewing their product ingredients to ensure compliance.

But make sure you are well protected from the sometimes fierce Sun as a visit to a local clinic or hospital with sunburn can definitely ruin the holiday vibe.

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Stay safe and enjoy your travels.