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It is now mandatory by Thai law that all Non-Thai nationals entering the country require ‘Travel Insurance’ with a minimum coverage to the value of 300,000.- THB ($10,000 USD) or more. You must first apply on-line (Thai Pass) due to there being no visas issued on arrival.

Vaccinated Travelers

The PCR test prior to departure is no longer required by Thai law but we do recommend you check with your independent airline before departure as this may still be their company travel policy.

The ‘Test and Go’ on arrival has now been dropped and you are no longer required to take a test and quarantine for the first 24 hours. The 14-day quarantine period has also been dropped if you are fully vaccinated.

You will be required to apply for your visa via the Thai pass on-line (QR code) system at you will need to submit copies of your vaccination certificate, passport, airline tickets and insurance, please see list of requirements below.

Unvaccinated Travelers

You have 2 options to enter the Kingdom,

1. You can choose to quarantine on arrival for a mandatory 5 days in a Government approved Alternative State Quarantine Hotel (ASQ) or an approved Government SHA+ hotel or residence. These establishments can be booked on-line.

2. You can opt to take a RT-PCR test 72 hours prior to your departure and submit a negative test result with your on-line visa application, no quarantine is required.

Please note:

1. Thai nationals traveling with a Thai passport are not required by law to have insurance to enter the country but you will be required to show your vaccination certificate.

2. Children under 18 will not be required to be fully vaccinated but will require the mandatory insurance cover.

Traveling to Thailand with a Thailand pass?

Travelling to Thailand has become more difficult than it used to be since the outbreak of Covid-19. When Thailand re-opened its borders to the world they introduced the Certificate of Entry to ensure that visitors were Covid free and adequately insured.

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When travel restrictions were reduced to facilitate the re-opening of the country in November 2021, the Certificate of Entry was replaced with the Thailand Pass. The Thailand pass may be dropped in the next few months but it is still a requirement by law for enter into the country.

What is required for the Thai pass application?

Vaccinated Travelers:

  • Your passport profile page
  • A vaccination certificate showing 2 doses (3rd booster/dose is not mandatory)
  • An approved medical insurance certificate with at least $10,000 USD minimum coverage
  • Flight booking

Unvaccinated Travelers NOT doing Alternate Quarantine:

  • Your passport profile page
  • An RT-PCR test result no more than 72 hours before your arrival date
  • An approved medical insurance certificate with at least $10,000 USD minimum coverage
  • Flight booking

Unvaccinated Travelers doing Alternate Quarantine:

  • Your passport profile page
  • Confirmed booking of SHA+ hotel or approved residence
  • RT-PCR test on day 4
  • An approved medical insurance certificate with at least $10,000 USD minimum coverage
  • Flight booking

How to apply for the Thailand pass

The Thailand Pass is a QR code generating system.

To obtain a QR entry code or Thailand Pass ID, travellers will have to:

  • Register at Thailand Pass web portal
  • Input personal details and travel dates
  • Upload the required documents (insurance/flights/hotel/vaccine certificate/visa)
  • Receive a confirmation email after registration
  • Wait for the Thailand Pass approval

One of the most important requirements of the Thailand Pass is having the correct ‘Travel Insurance’. However, it is still mandatory by law (now) that your insurance must cover Covid 19, it is recommended by us that you cover all aspects of Covid as well. For example: If you were to fall sick with Covid you will be required to be hospitalised (with symptoms) at your own expense. The approved hospital will ask for a deposit up front, approx., 100,000 – 300,000 THB ($7000++USD) and your bill will be deducted from this deposit. This could work out more than your holiday or stay has cost, especially if you are travelling in a group or family as they could be required to quarantine with you. Being refused entry to Thailand could also be a problem without the correct approved insurance. All our Travel Insurance policies cover Covid 19 and have been approved by the Thai Government.

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Our Policies

All our policies are approved by the Thai Government and also the Thai Embassies (Thai pass) for visa applications. COVID – 19 coverage is standard with all our policies issued based on the requirements set out by Thai Law. We have helped thousands of tourists and expats without any problems.

We make thing easy, allowing you to book direct on our website and receive your documents within 24 hour or sooner.

Travel Insurance

One2go Insurance offer 2 types of travel insurance, the first is for ‘Tourist’ only applications and the second specialises in ‘Long stay, Marriage (O), Retirement (O/A), Business (B) Education ED’, etc.

Our Travel Accident and Emergency policies go up to the age of 75 years old and can be booked directly from this section of the website. Please fill in your travel dates and your details and before payment you can see all policies in full including a price for your age group and country of origin. 


We can even offer Embassy approved Covid only insurance for the age groups 75 – 99 years’ old, again can be booked direct from the website

Tourist Visa / Visa on Arrival/ Insurance with Allianz Insurance Company

We are proud to partner with one of Europe’s top insurance companies, Allianz. Allianz offers a comprehensive policy with more than the required coverage of 700,000 THB, our policy offers 5.2 Million THB.

This policy can be used for international travel as well as within Thailand and is ideal for the tourist who wishes to destination hop. We know that many of our customers use Thailand as their main base and travel to neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, etc. The good news is you are covered for these countries mentioned and also for worldwide. For this reason, many of our customers choose to purchase this policy for the whole 12 months but it is flexible enough to take out as little as 1 Month. Allianz policies start from 1 year to 69 years.

2. Long Stay /Non-Immigrant O/OA/B/STV/ F/IM/IB/ED/RS/EX VISA Travel Insurance – With Tune Insurance Company

We are very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with TUNE Insurance Company. This insurance has been designed and structure around Thai Law, specifically for more long term visa applications. Tune is also on offer from 1 – 75 age group. There are 4 Plans to choose from. Please note that Tune is only for Thailand.

Payment / Booking / Re-booking

Payment is accepted by credit or debit card direct from this site, we can also accept bank to bank transfers. If you need to transfer (B2B), please email your requirements to [email protected] first and we can issue you with all bank and transfer details including Swift codes for international transfers.

Booking with One2Go is simple, you can book and pay direct from the website, direct from this page with a few easy steps.

Please click through to the Insurance section then click on pay, fill in your details and travel dates and before you click through to our secured payment section you will be able to see the policy details and cost.

Re-Booking or extending 

Re-booking or extending your current policy is at the discretion of the insurance company, you will require a minimum of 1 weeks left on your old policy for Allianz and Tune can be renewed with or without the current policy in date. To re-book please email your requirements to [email protected] , stating you name and policy number and please do this before making any new payment.


As previously mentioned all our policies and documents have been approved by the Thai Government. Once payment has been received, our fully automated system will email you directly within 24 hours but usually within the hour.

Changing Dates

We are able to change the date of your paid policy. For example, if your visa application dates or flights have been changed. We do require a 48-hour notice period to make the necessary changes. Changing dates is free of charge and must be before your policy start date. Please note: Tune or Allianz insurance company may ask for proof of cancellation such as flight cancellation or denied visa application. To change your dates please email your requirements to [email protected] and a member of our sales team can direct you from there.

Please Note:

We strongly recommend that you check with your home country’s appropriate embassy for any country you may be planning to visit including Thailand for up to date travel information, any restrictions, and visa and entry requirements. The information given above is for entry into the Kingdom of Thailand only and has been designed around Thai Law and Embassy requirements. Visa and entry requirements change very quickly in this region of the world, one2go endeavors to keep you updated as much as possible.